Government Prayer

us a flag on white wall

Government Prayer

Every Thursday until August 29
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

We feel God is calling us to start igniting altars of worship in our region to transform our state and nation.  We understand that there still must be declarations made over our state and nation.  We understand that we need to have Christians move in to positions in the government mountain.  We understand that we need the Church of God to grow into the Ecclesia and move in its full authority. We need to pray for the bride to emerge.  However, this cannot all be accomplished in one prayer meeting necessarily! 

So, in the government prayer meeting that Dick and Virginia are leading, at this time, in this season, we feel God is asking us to worship. Worship is so much more than singing.  We hope you will be flagging, dancing, praying in tongues and English.  Some may find themselves laughing, crying, or in travail.  We know this may be a new way for some of you to pray.  We want to give ourselves for God to orchestrate an altar of worship that He can establish in our region.  We want to open portals for heavenly hosts to enter and work, as God instructs them.

The doors will open at 9:45am.  We will start worship at 10:15am until 11:15am, at which time there will be time for declarations born from the worship.  That means if during worship God gives you the declaration to speak forth, please take the time to write it down.  This will be a powerful time of God given declarations.  We will end as soon as the declarations are finished.  We are asking that you be present for the worship in order to make declarations.  The worship will be opening the door of your heart as well as heaven.

Between June 20, 2024, and August 29, 2024, Steve Hayes will be leading the prayer meeting. If you have questions, you can contact him at 206-841-9017