Prayer Assignment Days

We believe God gave dominion to man over the entire earth and all creation (Genesis 1:26-28).  Although God could do things without us He set it up to use us.*  That is why prayer makes up such a large part of Firestorm Ministries NW.
One of the mandates the Lord gave some of us was to be part of the many different prayer movements in this nation and our particular state.  Therefore we ally together with Prayer Reformation Network (USPRN), Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network (HAPN), Operation Rolling Thunder (ORT) and several others.  From time to time God puts on the hearts of the apostles and prophets involved to hit hard against a particular demonic spirit or group of spirits.  At those times we will go to the sites that have been determined through prayer or research, and pray.
We usually gather at Virginia's house for specific prayers then leave in vans to go to sites and pray.  We DO NOT publicize where we are going or what we will be fighting in most cases.  Our instructions always include :
"Be careful as you pray that you are unobtrusive.  Do not try to go into the buildings, especially if you are a woman.  Note how people are dressed.  If they are dressed very conservatively, be even more careful.  Praying on the outskirts of the buildings is best.  If the Lord has given you some specific prophetic acts for prayer, be discreet."
We hope you will contact us at to sign up for these exciting assignments from the Lord.
* Please read "Intercessory Prayer" by Dutch Sheets