School Prayer Shield

Photo by Ryan Jacobson

What is School Prayer Shield?

School Prayer Shield is an assignment that the Lord called me to approximately a year and a half ago. He gave me an assignment to gather together a community prayer network specifically for our local schools to affect the Mountain of Education.

The purposes of this assignment are:

  1. To connect teams of prayer warriors within school districts to be a prayer covering specific to that school or school district.
  2. To develop a way for this network of prayers to communicate and be informed of prayer needs, upcoming laws being voted on that adversely effect our children, policies that take away parent’s rights, and curriculum that is deceptive and/or ungodly, as well as, testimonies of the faithfulness of our God
  3. Connect an army of believers that will not only pray but will come together as needed to be a voice for the body of Jesus Christ, as well as, boots on the ground to help establish the will of our King for the children in our community

This assignment given to me is not relegated to a particular church or ministry but for His called-out believers, community wide. If you feel that God has given you a passion to see the education of our children reflect His Biblical principles, you are invited to join School Prayer Shield.

If you are interested in learning more or would like to participate in School Prayer Shield for your community, please contact Melinda Lockrem at