Topics: Building the House with Your Mouth

Building the House with Your Mouth

Part 2: Building the House with Your Mouth, The Sequel – “Welcome to the Barbeque”

December 5, 2021

Michael continues the journey of understanding the “Barbeque” in the engaging sequel of “Part 1:  Building the House with Your Mouth”.

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Michael shares a directional word he received from the Lord that we believe clearly impacts the church.  It is about the opportunity we have to remove a major weapon the enemy has used against God’s people.  An opportunity to accomplish something that has never been done by the global church.

This specific, directional message shows:

Why certain issues are surfacing right now.

What the outcome will be if we do our part…. and,

Exactly how we can individually and corporately engage to remove this weapon from the enemy’s hand.

Please note there were technical issues, so we had to modify how the video displays on the screen.